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Considerations and Special Patients in Mammography (Live Webinar)
Monday, October 14, 2019 - Monday, October 14, 2019

CME Provider:
Advanced Health Education Center ›
8502 Tybor Drive
Houston, Texas (TX) 77074
United States
Toll Free: (800) 239-1361
Phone: (713) 772-0157
Fax: (713) 772-0155
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Course Topics:

- Understanding BRACA 1 and 2 – 50 minutes
o What is BRACA 1 and 2
o High Risk People
o Treatment Before Cancer
o Case Studies and Statistics

- Breast Cancer in Young Women – 50 minutes
o Statistically: How many Young Women get Breast Cancer?
o Most Common Types of Breast CA in Young Women
o Treatment Variations
o Complications
o Case Studies

- Men Get Breast Cancer Too
o Statistics for men having breast cancer
o Treatment variations for men
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Nicole Stutz MBA, RT(R)
CME Credit:
Radiologic Technologists:  3 Hours

Self Assessment Module (SAM):  No

Live Webinar:  Yes

Specialty Audience:

RADLIST Course #22653

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